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GitHub DevSecOps

The AI-powered DevSecOps platform

With comprehensive security tools built into the developer workflow, you can build, secure, and ship all in one place.

Chart displaying decreasing security incidents, highlighted code with a suggested AI fix, and an automated update with a green button "Review security update"

Manage less, accomplish more

GitHub Advanced Security integrates AI-powered security features directly into your development workflow, eliminating the need for third-party tools.

Code scanning

Find and fix security issues before production with static application security testing (SAST).

Secret scanning

Hunt, revoke, and prevent leaked secrets with automatic push protection.

Supply chain security

Keep vulnerable dependencies out of your applications with software composition analysis (SCA).

Found means fixed

Don’t just find vulnerable code, fix it. GitHub Advanced Security flags problems and suggests AI-powered solutions, freeing teams to ship more secure software faster.

Pump your team’s security prowess

Developers aren’t security professionals. With GitHub Advanced Security, you can offload the technical complexity and give them the freedom to build and ship great software.

Fix vulnerabilities up to 7x faster than those using third-party tools.1

Keep developers in the flow. GitHub Advanced Security enables developers to stay in their productivity-and-comfort zone, without demanding a high level of security expertise. 

  • Fix vulnerabilities up to 7x faster than those using third-party tools. (1)
  • Find leaked secrets with 2.4 fewer false positives than the industry standard. (2)
  • Join the 20 million public and private repositories that have enabled secret scanning since 2020, according to GitHub data.

Give AI the heavy lifting

Organizations struggle to fix their backlog of vulnerabilities, despite the risks. Coming next, security managers can burn down years of security debt in one simple sprint.

Your workflows, your way

With support for more than 17,000 app integrations, GitHub Advanced Security accommodates your team’s tooling preferences.

We prefer to have security that leverages what developers are already using rather than trying to force them to use some other tool.
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Emilio EscobarChief Information Security Officer @ Datadog

Application security made simpler

Eliminate toolchain cost and complexity with native security tools for GitHub Enterprise and Azure DevOps customers.

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(1) Fix vulnerabilities up to 7x faster than those using third-party tools.

Based on data from the industry’s longest running analysis of fix rates, Veracode State of Software Security 2023. Developers with GitHub Advanced Security fix 48% of vulnerabilities in real time, more than 7x faster than the industry average, where it takes 198 days to reach a 50% fix rate.

(2) Find leaked secrets with 2.4 fewer false positives than the industry standard.

A Comparative Study of Software Secrets Reporting by Secret Detection Tools, Setu Kumar Basak et al., North Carolina State University, 2023.